Our Approach

At Access Your Ability, there's no cookie cutter approach to training. We work with you to tailor the curriculum to the specific needs of your staff: to give you what you need to improve your hit rate.

It's not just about stakeholder buy-in or closing the sale, although that's our ultimate goal. It's about empowering our clients to think critically and gain the skills and confidence to achieve.

How do we "access your ability?"

We begin by meeting with clients individually or in groups to assess their needs and objectives. Then we lead team sessions to target the message and develop a strategy. Together we formulate the pitch: what to say, how to say it, how to present strong supporting data.

Now we're ready to create something tangible, whether it's a compelling sales letter, an engaging PowerPoint presentation, or a commanding leave-behind.

Armed with the necessary tools, presenters rehearse their pitch. Their skills and techniques are evaluated by colleagues and their Access Your Ability facilitator. We video record the presentation so presenters gain insights into their own performance. Finally, we coach presenters on improving their pitch and delivery.

Sessions can last a few hours or a few days, depending on the client's needs.

“Presence is more than just being there.” – Malcolm S. Forbes